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January 6, 2013

Kyle and John Wedding at Hacienda del Lago in San Antonio Texas {San Antonio Wedding Photographer} {Houston Wedding Photographer}

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Kyle and John had a beautiful wedding ceremony at Hacienda del Lago in San Antonio. The day started off very nice and sunny, but storms moved in one and a half hours before the outdoor ceremony. We were fortunate that the rain stopped, the sun appeared and began drying the area. Kyle and John were awesome to work with and never doubted that their wedding would be a beautiful occasion whether there would be rain or not. They are very fun and heartwarming individuals with wonderful families as well. Just looking at them, made you certain of their love for one another and that they would last a lifetime through whatever may come their way.

Wishing them the best wishes and God’s love for their marriage and life of happiness.

Love, Joseph and Allen.Kyle john 1 kyle john 2 kyle john 3 kyle john 4 kyle john 5 kyle john 6 kyle john 7 kyle john 8 kyle john 9 kyle john 10 kyle john 11 kyle john 12 kyle john 13 kyle john 14 kyle john 15 kyle john 16 kyle john 17 kyle john 18

January 2, 2013

Lisa and BJ – Online Wedding Proof

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Lisa’s Bridal Pictures at Tiny’s No. 5 West University Place, TX {Houston Wedding Photographers} {Houston Bridal Portrait Photographers}

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We shot Lisa’s bridal pictures at Tiny’s No. 5 as they were so gracious to allow us to shoot there despite business occurring as usual. It was a little damp as the rain had just stopped before we started, so most of the pictures were taken inside.

Lisa is a very fun, energetic and loving person with a positive and upbeat personality. She loves teaching (she’s an educator) and working with young people to ensure their success in life. She also enjoys being fit and works with others as a trainer to get them to realize their fitness goals and feel and look their best. She’ll make a great wife to her husband B.J. and may they live life together taking each other as they are day in and day out.

Best wishes and may they have a prosperous and blessed married life together, Love Joseph and Allen.lisa bridals 1 lisa bridals 2 lisa bridals 3 lisa bridals 4 lisa bridals 5 lisa bridals 6 lisa bridals 7 lisa bridals 8 lisa bridals 9 lisa bridals 10 lisa bridals 11 lisa bridals 12 lisa bridals 13 lisa bridals 14 lisa bridals 15

Rebecca’s Senior Portraits at Bear Creek Park {Houston Senior Photographer}

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Rebecca is a very beautiful young lady both inside and out.  She is smart, funny, athletic and compassionate. Her work ethic is second to none and she helps all of those that she can so everyone can obtain success. She comes from a wonderful family and it’s evident that she modeled herself from the teachings of her parents. She will be attending school out of town, so she’ll get to put all of her good skills to use. She will definitely become great at whatever she decides to pursue.

We wish her the best of luck and blessings as she moves on to pursue her studies and a career.rebecca senior 1 rebecca senior 2 rebecca senior 3 rebecca senior 4 rebecca senior 5 rebecca senior 6 rebecca senior 7 rebecca senior 8 rebecca senior 9 rebecca senior 10 rebecca senior 11 rebecca senior 12 rebecca senior 13

Jasmine Senior Pics at Oyster Creek Park {Houston Senior Photographer}

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Jasmine is a spunky, fun, energetic and very talented young lady that will be pursuing a career in the performing arts.  She is loved by all of those that know her and quickly wins the hearts of those that just meet her.  She will be leaving for college and beginning a new chapter in her life that is sure to bring many blessings to her and those around her.

We wish you all the best and congratulations!jasmine senior 1 jasmine senior 2 jasmine senior 3 jasmine senior 4 jasmine senior 5 jasmine senior 6 jasmine senior 7 jasmine senior 8 jasmine senior 9 jasmine senior 10 jasmine senior 11 jasmine senior 12 jasmine senior 13 jasmine senior 14

Raymond and Kayla Senior Portraits {Houston Senior Photographer}

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We met up with Raymond and Kayla at Sugarland’s City Hall to shoot their senior portraits. it is not often we get to shoot a brother and sister combo for the same graduation year. Raymond is the fun and outgoing one, while Kayla is the fun and more reserved one. They are two great young people that will be destined for some great things in their future as they move on to the bigger things in life. One thing that is for certain, once you meet them you’ll make room for them in your heart.

Best of luck and well wishes to you both!

raymond kayla senior 1 raymond kayla senior 2 raymond kayla senior 3 raymond kayla senior 4 raymond kayla senior 5 raymond kayla senior 6 raymond kayla senior 7 raymond kayla senior 8 raymond kayla senior 9 raymond kayla senior 10 raymond kayla senior 11

December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from PSP!

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We would like to wish everyone safe and Happy Holidays.  During this time, remember to love a little more, hug a little more and cherish all of those in your lives a little more. Pray for those that are missing family members and friends this year and wish for them to have a better year than the one they’ll be leaving behind. Hopefully, everyone will be a little more prosperous this year as well.

Have a wonderful, safe and restful holiday season along with a blessed New Year from Perfect Silhouette Photography.

March 14, 2012

Robyn’s Senior Portraits 2012 {Houston Senior Photographer} {Houston Portrait Photographer}

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Robyn is a graduating senior of Westside High School class of 2012. We have seen her grow into the beautiful young lady she is today and have been blessed to share in her life’s memories since she attended middle school. She comes from a wonderful and loving family that has molded her into the God fearing and loving person she is now. She is a star volleyball and track athlete that is well liked by all that know her. She is truly destined for greater things as her journey continues throughout college and a career. We wish her only the best in life and she knows that our prayers go with her on every step she takes.


Congratulations and the best of luck. Keep God first and everything else will fall in line.

Click on an image to see an enlarged view.

To see all of Robyn’s pictures from her senior photo session visit!i=1752121999&k=x36cMRt


February 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Us, And A Very Heartfelt Thank You On Valentine’s Day! – {Houston Wedding Photographers}

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What could be more fitting than celebrating the three year anniversary of Perfect Silhouette Photography (PSP) on Valentine’s Day? It was three years ago that a separation occurred which spawned one of the most creative and professional photography businesses in the Houston-Metro area. Knowing that things happen for one reason or another, everything  worked out for the better in the end; and boy did they ever work out for us. We would love to say thanks to all of our past clients (friends) and welcome to our future ones. In a few weeks we’ll also begin posting tips on creating better pictures by the amateur photographer.

Keep today in your hearts and love to no end. We will finish with a quote by Dean Martin – “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow!”

With so may recent celebrity deaths and close friends, make sure you tell someone you love them today and don’t wait until tomorrow when they just might be gone.

December 17, 2011

Mayra & Jonathan Wedding {San Fernando Cathedral Wedding} {Houston Wedding Photographer}

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Mayra and Jonathan had one of the nicest ceremonies we’ve attended in one of the most beautiful wedding locations we’ve seen -San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, TX.  The artwork and craftsmanship are second to none and everyone was so down to Earth and welcoming. They each have a true aura of love that radiates and they are a pleasure to be around. May their marriage receive God’s blessing and grace.

Mayra and Jonathan – Online Wedding Album Proof

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October 8, 2011

Myra and Jeremy – Online Wedding Album Proof

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